fredag 13 juli 2012

Hi there, I´m Whiskygirl!

Hi there. I´m Whiskygirl and the guestwriter today.

I´ve been ask to tell a little about myself and about the love for whisky
In my youth I´ve heard of whisky, but nerver had the urge to drink it. Until a friend af mine came back from a trip to Scotland with some bottle of whisky. I missed my last bus and lucky for me I was in the neigborhood that evening and I decided to pay him a surprise visit. This friend had wonderful stories about high- and lowlands, the people he had visit, the music and of course whisky. Suddenly he conjured a whisky bottle, out of nowhere... magic.

I was 18 and the only (grownup) drinks I had, were beer and sweet mixed drinks... whisky was the challenge. First smelling, that was nice, and right after the nosing, one sip. This girl was hooked from the day one. What can I say.. It was faith. Now years later, I decided to go on a whisky adventure, beginning from the start.And with more passion. In april, this year, was a fact. I was overwhelmed by the  positive reactions I received from around the world, twitter, Facebook and e-mail. Shortly after that, I started to do a whiskytrade with a Canadian girl, I´ve met on twitter. That was great experience, not knowing what we´ve send each other. I got inspired.

Right after that I started to organize the Mystery Twitter Whisky Tasting Adventure (#MTWTA). A friendly twitter tasting with babybottles filled with mystery whisky. These bottles were shipped to South Africa, Canada, Germany, USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands. The actual date isn´t set yet. When everyone received their bottles, we are setting the date for this exiting twittertasting... I can´t wait.... There will be a second one for sure, just keep your eyes open.

I´d like to thank Peter Allansson and Tommy Sachariasen for giving me this opportunity. It was my pleasure...

A warm hug, Whisky Girl

Jag och Tommy är väldigt glada över att Whisky Girl vill vara med och skriva på vår blogg!

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